"At last! Learn How Good Businesses Become Great!
Learn How to Franchise Your Business with The Proven Step by Step Business Expansion Methodology!"

From: Franklin Philips, CEO of Samosa Cabana Indian Grill


Dear Future Franchise Owner,

    Are you currently a business owner looking to take your business to the next level? Or are you just starting a business and looking to get a jump on the competition?

Whatever the case may be I have the perfect solution and tools to help you do so!

    First off, let me tell you a little about myself to help you understand that I was once in your shoes before developing a plan of action.

    When I first got out of college I was 22 years old. I graduated with a degree in business management. When I got my degree I looked at it and said, "now what do I do with it?" I went on to start working in top Fortune 500 companies such as Lehman Brothers, IBM, USA Today, and UBS Financial. However, I was never satisfied with how much I was making.
I would read Forbes and INC magazines, and watch as new millionaires began popping up every day.
What got me even more aggravated was that they were around my age. I began to wonder, if they could do it, why on earth couldn't I? I was just as smart, maybe even smarter! As time went on, I started to think to myself on what I could do to make the big bucks. During lunch time, I would wander the streets of NYC, and I began to frequent cart vendors, especially the one on 53rd and 6th in Midtown. I would watch as people would line up around the block to get a little chicken/lamb platters cooked right in front of them.
These guys barely spoke English, but they were BANKING it! After doing some more research, I found out these guys were pulling in 2-3K PER DAY. 

    That's over a MILLION DOLLARS a year! I still remember sitting on a bench watching these guys work, and I began to think...Man! I have an education, I'm qualified, but the max I'd probably make is 15% off what these guys make in a whole year.

   It was then I began to wonder, why didn’t I start my own business? I think I am well qualified to do so. So that’s exactly what I did. I went into the restaurant business, creating a restaurant called Samosa Cabana (www.samosacabana.com).

Here's a picture from our grand opening with Mayor Noam Bramson of New Rochelle, NY!

    In the beginning stages things were very tough. I started sinking into more and more debt, and I began to realize my "business" was becoming more of a 9 to 9 job (not even a 9 to 5!). Those of you in the restaurant business know exactly what I'm talking about.
    No matter how busy or dead your restaurant is, you still have to pay the rent, utilities, employees, etc, etc, etc. Some days I'd make good money, other days sales would suck. Overall though, I was disappointed because I was spending more then I was making. I began to do my research on other successful restaurants such as Chipotle, Papa Johns, McDonalds, and Subway.


 "BILLION dollar empires serving Burritos and Pizza!"

    How on earth did Steve Ells manage to start Chipotle and create a $2 BILLION dollar empire serving burritos?
   How did John Schnatter, aka "Papa John" build a personal net worth of $400 million by making pizza?

   Here is an aerial view of John Schnatter's house. It has a multilevel subterranean garage with 22 parking spaces, an office for valet parking, a built-in car wash and a giant motorized turntable to help move limousines. It is divided into 14 parking spaces for the family on one level and eight spaces for guests on another, with an elevator between the two floors. This home is one of the largest homes in Kentucky.


   How did Ray Kroc, a 59 year old salesman selling multi-mixer milkshake machines, create McDonalds, one of the largest restaurant & real estate businesses on the planet?

    McDonalds has sold over 100 billion hamburgers to over 46 million people. It's empire is currently worth $15.15 billion dollars.


    I started to read up on their biographies, and it was so inspiring to see their humble beginnings. Ray Kroc was selling milkshake machines when he took the red-eye to Southern California to call on two brothers whose little hamburger joint had become his best customer and the last hope for his faltering business. It was then Ray saw the potential behind creating the McDonalds franchise.

   The Known "Papa" John Schnatter knocked out a closet located in the back of his father's tavern (Mick's Lounge), sold his prized 1971 Z28 Camaro, purchased $1,600 worth of used restaurant equipment, and began selling his pizzas to the tavern's customers.


 As I started doing more research, I soon started to see common factors in these successful businesses. The reasons that these businesses were successful were because they applied four simple ingredients to their businesses.

These four simple ingredients can be applied to absolutely ANY business (and not just restaurants).

I'm just using restaurants as an example:

  1. Consistency - No matter which McDonalds you go to, whether in China, India, or Japan, your Big Mac will always taste the same, and you will be asked if you'd like fries with that.

  2. Quality - Papa Johns had a 1 to 10 scale for their pizzas. The pizzas that weren't 8 or higher would be tossed out.
    Chipotle started their Food With Integrity manifesto in which they used only naturally raised pigs and animals not confined in stressful factories. Both these visionaries did not care about losing money on food costs. They had a greater vision and goal in mind which was to create only the HIGHEST quality food.

  3. Branding - It is extremely important to build a brand, and not just a business. Branding is perhaps the most important facet of any business--beyond product, distribution, pricing, or location.
     A company's brand is its definition in the world, the name that identifies it to itself and the marketplace. There's an old saying in the restaurant business: "You sell the sizzle - not the steak."
    Regarding everything from marketability to sex appeal, if a business wants to achieve its true growth potential, it must stand out from the crowd and appeal to it's customers.

  4. The franchising system - After you have your first successful business all you have to do is just DUPLICATE it. 

    As I started following the first three principles, I could notice the immense change in my restaurant's sales volume. As my business was starting to do well I was still thinking of ways to expand and make more money so I wouldn't have to work as hard anymore and just relax for a change. I started wondering what I could do to make enough money to be able to take a vacation whenever I please.

    As I continued to hone and perfect Samosa Cabana's restaurant operation by following these key ingredients, I started realizing the only way to truly be successful would be to start using the fourth principle and start franchising my restaurant.

So, What is a franchising?

    In case you don't know what franchising is, how it works and why all the big brands are using it, let me give you a brief overview of how it can completely transform your business.

The goal: to expand your business from one location to 100's in the fastest, cheapest, simple and safe way.

    A franchise is a right granted to an individual or group to market a company's goods or services within a certain territory or location. Which you are the company also known as the “franchiser," and others will be the people marketing your goods or services also known as the “franchisee.”

    How does this benefit you?

Capital from franchisees
ne of the main reasons why people are interested in franchising is profits and cost savings. The cost of opening a franchise is nothing compared to the cost of opening a unit, let alone the cost for opening a large number of units. Using other people’s investments enables you to grow rapidly and aggressively.

 Reduced risk
ne of the crucial advantages is risk reduction, the franchisees signs all the leases, the franchisee is going to have the liability for what happens in the unit itself (accident, whatever incident injury etc) that is the franchisee’s responsibility.

Saving time and faster growth
    It is faster because other people are out there helping you in the process, the franchisee is going to go out and find a place, they are going to negotiate the lease, they are going to hire the people, they are going to train the people, they are going to hire the contractor, they are going to do all the things that take you a lot of time as a business owner.
So that allows you to grow much more quickly because you are leveraging of their efforts.

Highly motivated management
he key benefit of every franchise is that it has highly motivated managers. These are people who have invested their life savings and this gives them higher motivation than regular managers hired to do the job. Franchise unit manager would be dedicated to do the job and will make sure their unit runs well and delivers the results required.
I got a great story about a company called Opti Alfetron.
    Opti Alfetron is a TX based franchise company when they got into franchising for the first time, they decided that they would sell these units to existing company owned unit managers. They had about 110 company owned operations, no franchises and they did a leverage buyout and they wanted to recapitalize.
    This was a great win-win situation, because as a unit manager they are selling the exact same unit, in the exact same location, with the exact same products, the exact same pricing, the exact same personnel selling it, the exact same décor nothing has changed. The only thing that changes is one day this person is a manager, the next day this person becomes a franchisee.
    What happened?

The average unit sales went up 39% in those units!


    How many times have to been to a store and somebody gives you a wave “oh we are closed now see you later” that does not happen at a franchise.
    How many times have you had an employee that does not perform well, but “they were okay” and you do not want to fire him as they are your friend etc?
And what if you are the unit manager and not the business owner…? That kind of stuff happens all the time in regular business but that does not happen at a franchise.

This means that You surround your whole company with passion coming from each and every franchise unit.

Long term management
hese motivated managers are long-term. If you take a look at some KFC, McDonald’s franchisees etc they are third generation. So they have got ingrain cultural experience that they grew up with!

Why does a franchisee buy...?

    I will into that in more detail in the guide and really help you understand who is the franchisee type of person so you be able to market your franchise effectively but to make a long story short:

    The mainstream entrepreneurs usually think “Why should I buy a franchise when I can simply open the same business by myself.”
But don't forget that 99% of the world are NOT entrepreneurs...

Franchisee mental point of view:
he typical franchisee is someone who needs security. These are people who have been bright students, who have built successful careers and have been consistent in all areas of their professional and personal lives. The classic entrepreneur is 100% different than the typical franchisee person.

        The franchisee gets an established and verified business model.

  • He will use a Well known and established name.

  • He will have access to business of large scale straight from the beginning.

  • He will get economies that buy the sales can literally flood in the first day after the unit opens for business.

  • He can rely on training and continuous support. This is something that no one offers you when you decide to open a business all by yourself

All this means: Higher chances of success, lower risk and a better return on investment for him.

So this is the perfect WIN-WIN Situation and I think that by now you can really understand how all the big brands become ones.


The Big Picture for You

Now, Let me help you paint a better picture of this Amazing Transformation!

    Let’s say you get just 10 people to buy into your franchise and you have a product that you sell for 100 bucks and each of the 10 people has a store in there respected states selling your product.

    Let’s say for example, 5 of the 10 people average 50 sales a day, that's over 250 sales per day, if we translate that into dollars it would be $25,000 in sales per day and...

$750,000 in sales per month!

    Out of that, all your asking for is 15% and this doesn't include their expenses and other fees. These 15% goes straight to you!

    So that means the franchisor is banking over $112,500 each and every month on autopilot!

    I know I just threw a lot numbers at you but I want you to see the big picture of how expanding your business can change your life forever!  What can that amount of money do for you on a monthly basis?
on't get me wrong, it take some time and a lot of work but it will pay off, it did for all the brands and it will for you too.


So, after months and months of fine-tuning

    After months and months of fine-tuning, I came up with a 101 pages long franchising guide that would turn any business into a cash cow.

    This guide gives you all the real world tips/suggestions, and not all the confusing hoopla other development firms may give you.

    My  guide will give you a step-by-step plan on how to franchise your business, expand it, make it bigger, and more profitable.

You can put this guide to work for you instantly!

    My goal with this is to help you turn your business into the next Subway or even McDonalds; which, by the way, both franchises raked in nearly 15 billion dollars!

    I went one step ahead and paid high fees to send every thing to a professional attorney to make an in-depth  analysis  and make every thing 100% approved and FTC certified


Only $49.95



A GREAT Advice that will save you a lot of money

I know you are probably wondering how much is the cost of getting in to franchising, we will get into that in details on the guide but let me just release one free advice for you - just for reading my words here.

    The Attorney and legal franchising document fees range at $25,000-$40,000 (one time fee) when the lawyer has to make them for you from scratch, but if you use professionally  Pre written and FTC certified TEMPLATES to make the documents and all your franchising attorney will have to do is just review them it will not cost you more than $5k!...

    The company I used is www.franzoom.com They are really the best on the market in terms of professionally and price in my opinion.

All their templates are FTC certified and were reviewed by a professional attorney and I really enjoyed using them.

Here are the direct links: A Franchise Agreement Template and Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) Template (with a supporting Existing FDDs &UFOCs database) plus the main Franchise Operations Manual Template, I also think they have a great bundle packages to save you even more.

    They saved ME a lot of TIME and a lot of MONEY.

This is just one free tip from the guide for you.


    In order to make this offer a no-brainer for you I have added 15 free special  bonuses that worth more then $100 alone!

2008 Census Population
 by Counties

Authorization for Background Check

Sample Appendix Template

Application Data Sheet

Customizable Lease Agreements

Due Diligence Guide

Franchisee Reporting


FTC Rule Change

Initial Investment Checklist

List of Registration/Filing States
with Contact Info

Request For Consideration template

SBA Franchise Eligibility Guidelines

License Application Template

National Business License Web Links

Notice of Default Template


Get the Hippo Franchising Guide and bonuses that Will Save You Tons of Money & Wasted Efforts!

Only $49.95


I don't want to stress or push you in any way but this price will not stay for long, I already got some angry phone calls if you know what I mean...

To YOUR Success,

Franklin Philips


P.S. Remember, the hard part is getting started. Once your started in the groove, it's smooth sailing from there. ACTION builds CONFIDENCE!


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